Mix & Twist Bartending Leeds

Mix& Twist Bartending are a cocktail bar event hire company that travel aroundthe country providing cocktail and flair bartenders to various events aroundthe country.

JamesAbbott, director of Mix & Twist contacted us as they were quickly growing,and wanted another solution to publishing just his mobile number. The intensionwas that when they moved into the first office they would then implement aphone system rather than simply working from just a mobile phone.

Themain elements of the brief from James was that he required:

  • A Leeds number and also a Non-GeographicNumber, both of which could be published as soon as possible
  • The numbers needed to be flexible socould be diverted based on where he was working, and if moving office, could betaken with him
  • When implementing the system, he neededto be able to make, take, and transfer calls, as well as set out of hoursdiverts to a call answering service
  • He needed the flexibility to grow thesystem as the company grew.

As such we implemented a solution that would suit all his requirements both at theinitial stage, and in the future, giving him a system with capacity to grow ashis business did. In response to his brief, we implemented the following:

  • We obtained a Leeds 0113 number and a Non-Geographic number beginning 03 which were obtained within 48hours. BeingSIP numbers there was no need to wait for Openreach installations and theycould be published straight away.
  • On day one, the two numbers were divertedto a mobile phone, and therefore the printed business cards could be given outat events, and published on the website.
  • Once the Lease on the office was signed,we were able to place the order for a Fibre connection for which to run new SIP(Voice over IP Lines) Lines. When we had a date for the Fibre install weordered the SIP Lines and a phone system which were installed on the same day.The phone system had three handsets on day one, but had the ability to grow upto 50 as the company expanded. There were three SIP Channels allowing for allthree handsets to be making or taking calls at the same time. We pre-programmeda night service key so that when there is no one in the office this wouldautomatically divert to their call answering service so as to not miss anycalls.
  • As the system has capacity for up to 50users there is plenty of room for Mix & Twist to grow in users thereforethe system will be suitable for many years to come. In addition, as weimplemented a Voice over IP solution, they are able to increase the number ofSIP lines in a very short space of time, and so if they wanted the ability tomake more concurrent calls this could be added within a few days rather thanthe weeks it would take on the Openreach Network.

Sinceimplementing the system Mix & Twist are going from strength to strength andare confident that when they move office in the near future - now they are atfull capacity in the current one –the system will migrate seamlessly with themand will continue to serve them for years to come.