Onwards & Upwards

Onwards & Upwards are a property agent in Morley that specialise in offering their clients a proactive and hassle-free approach to buying, selling, letting, or renting property in the surrounding areas.

Onwards & Upwards came to us as they were moving offices from smaller premises on a business park, to larger premises on the Morley High Street, and so needed help with the office move to make the transition across as seamless as possible.

They required a system with up to ten handsets on day one, but with the potential to grow beyond this point. 

The other requirements were that they needed basic voicemail, and the ability to divert to an out of hours call answering service; an auto-attendant to route calls (e.g. press 1 for sales, 2 for lettings) with personalised messages, and a headset. Finally, there was no cabling on site and they would need CAT5 cabling for their voice and data outlets.

As such our configuration and installation were as follows:

•    We cabled the building with CAT5 cabling for use with their phone and data points. This was completed a couple of weeks prior to the system install so as to not interfere with the other refurbishment work.

•    A Mitel 430 was installed which comes with up to 8 digital extension ports on board (based on handset location) without further expansion. Therefore, we provided 8 handsets from the 5300 Digital range. For the remaining two we calculated that the most cost effective way to do this would be to add two IP based handsets to the system which would require only licences rather than an additional card. One of these was also a fair distance from the system in a back room, so would be better on an IP extension for future capacity. As such we installed two handsets from the 5300IP range.

•    We installed ISDN line cards for compatibility with the BT lines, and would review bills as the current contract came to an end.

•    An auto-attendant was enabled to efficiently route their calls, and we set up an automated night service for different hours on different days so that even if they forgot to switch night service on when leaving the office it would go straight to voicemail or their out of hours answering service.

•    The Mitel 430 has the capability to add personalised music and messaging on hold for use with hold music, voicemail recordings, auto-attendants, courtesy messaging, etc. Onwards & Upwards had an existing agreement to provide personalised messaging and as such we were able to work with these, so that the files were sent across to us and we were able to install these on to the system so that they play when customers are put on hold


Prior to install a survey was carried out to determine how the system should be programmed, with which auto-attendant options would call which ring groups, and which extensions should be involved in which ring groups.

The installation was organised for two days prior to the line install so that everything was in place for when the lines were installed an activated, and so that the system could be up and running straight away with as little downtime for the client as possible. Once the Openreach engineers had been to install the lines, the system was connected and calls could then come through.

Following an install there will always be a few changes that need to be made with adjustments to programming, additions to speed dials, and full user training was also booked for approximately one week after the install, to go through all the features in more detail, and to answer any questions.

Since the install there have been various programming changes and expansion in the way of additional handsets, Onwards & Upwards continue to grow and the system will continue to accommodate this.

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