White Rose Vehicles

Testimonial from Adam, Director at White Rose Vehicles:


"I cant recommend Time Communications highly enough. Their process is seamless from the briefing meeting to the install of the system and finishing off with the support they have in place. Each member of staff we have dealt with has been helpful, understanding and knowledgeable about our system. They really are a great company to do business with and I can't recommend them enough"


White Rose Vehicles (www.whiterosevehicles.co.uk) are a Yorkshire based Leasing broker offering leasing of cars and vans.

Adam at White Rose got in touch as they were upsizing from a smaller office within serviced offices to a larger office. In the serviced office, handsets were provided for them however when moving they would then be required to source their own equipment going forwards.

In addition, compared to the existing set up, they wanted to add features such as an auto-attendant for efficient call routing, and encrypted call recording, which was easily accessible and had a large storage capacity. One of the handsets needed to be cordless and the rest would need to be heavy duty desk phones that could handle a lot of calls, and transfer out easily including to mobiles.

There also needed to be room for growth going forwards – and the solution needed to be easily manoeuvrable if they were to move soon.

After various site surveys our configuration and installation was as follows:

  • We installed a new data cabinet for the various Telecoms and IT equipment underneath one of the desks to keep this all tidy and out of the way – of course ensuring sufficient air flow to the system and equipment.


  • We then installed a Mitel 430 and server to run the Office Suite and Call Recording Software. With this separate unit for Call Recording it means that it is fully encrypted and separate to the system. As it is held on site it can be stored securely and backed up as and when White Rose Vehicles choose to; however, easily accessible through a browser on the internal PCs.


  • The main handsets installed were the Mitel 6867i SIP handsets allowing for easy calling and transferring of calls. A cordless handset was installed as the 5th handset to move around whilst speaking. As this didn’t need to move far away from its base station we did not need to install DECT transmitters, but there is this option in future if ever needed.


  • The system has been fully installed on VoIP/SIP, with different handsets able to present different numbers when dialling. Additionally, all services are included at a fixed monthly charge, with all UK landline and mobile calls included making budgeting straight forward.


Once we were given instruction to proceed with the install we ordered the line and broadband to run the phone calls so that this was in and working before they wanted to be in the new site. Once this was installed we tested the router to ensure that the connection was running correctly and when confident that this was the case we arranged for the final install.

On the day of install we arrived at site with all equipment pre-programmed to minimise disruption. Handsets were installed on desks, and the software was installed on all the computers. Programming was finalised and basic training was given to get White Rose up and running as soon as possible.


Over the course of the next few weeks we visited site again to go through any programming changes required and further training.


As White Rose has plans to move and expand going forwards the system can be moved to a new site with little disruption providing we install a new connection at the new site in advance. The system itself can grow past 30 handsets too so will be suitable for a number of years to come.

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