I currently have a Mitel system with a digital range of handsets, would I have access to the SIP range?

Yes! The Mitel 400 range supports the digital, IP, and SIP range of handsets and you would be able to connect a combination to any of the systems. There are potentially limiting factors though and as such there may have been a reason why a particular range was recommended, for example only the digital range of handsets are compatible with 1308 telephony cabling, the SIP and IP ranges require CAT5 cabling. In addition there may be licences required on the system to allow connection of the various types of handsets.

If you are interested in alternative handsets please get in touch and we can help.

I'm looking to connect a headset to my phone, is this possible?

The majority of the handsets are headset compatible out of the box - if you are unsure please see the handset spec under phone equipment or get in touch.

The headsets we supply all come with either a bottom cable for installation to the relevant handset, or with a USB connection lead for use with a PC or laptop.

How do I see the last calls dialled/answered/missed?

Each handset is slightly different so for in depth guides, please refer to each individual handset reference sheet, however in general, on the SIP handsets, the key with an "on hook" handset takes you to the call lists, and on the 5300 range by pressing the Menu key (left press on the "fox" key) and then the Call Lists option will give you access to all call details.

How do I quickly access the last redialled numbers?

Generally speaking, the key with two upwards arrows gives you access to the last redialled numbers; each handset will have different capacities for how many numbers are stored. To call this number, simply lift the handset or press "dial" to call.

Can I change my on-hold music?

Yes; as standard the system comes on-board with either a reassuring 'beep beep' tone or generic hold music. If you want bespoke on-hold music and/or professionally recorded messages, we work with a number of companies that can provide this in a format compatible with the system - please do get in touch for more information.