We are moving office and need to arrange the phone system to be installed at the new site, what do we need to do?

Firstly, please do try to give us as much notice as possible when moving office! Not only will the system need to be moved, but phone lines will need to be installed at the new site, and whilst we will arrange for this, it is not necessarily in our control how quickly this can be done. We will arrange for a survey of the new site and determine whether sufficient cabling is in place; if not we are able to provide cabling where needed.

Do you offer Hosted phone systems?

Yes we do, our solutions are Privately Hosted meaning that you have the resilience of an On Premise system with all the benefits of a 'normal' Hosted system. You can find out further details at: http://time-tele.com/product/phone-systems/hosted-solutions/hosted-solutions 

Can you provide systems on a leased basis?

Yes, we can provide various options if you want to spread the cost of the system, and our partner leasing company provide excellent rates over a variety of different lengths. Whether you are looking to spread the cost monthly or quarterly, and over two years, or seven years, we are able to find a payment schedule that suits.