ADSL Broadband



ADSL is the service that people are most likely to be familiar with and can come in a number of.

At Time Communications, we have access to the highest quality broadband available through the Openreach network, which makes it ideal for Voice over IP Calls. We will always put the highest quality line in that is available which is more often than not a Fibre connection, however where unavailable, an uncontended broadband will be installed with a product known as Annex M.

The fact that the product is uncontended means that there are no other users sharing that specific connection, which is unusual for many broadband connections. The Annex M stabilises the connection, by reducing download speeds and increasing the upload speed; which is ideal for Voice over IP.

When putting in a new system on SIP we will always recommend a new line, and ADSL, and will provide a router along with full end to end management of the connection.