Voice over IP (VoIP) - SIP Lines



Voice over IP is a technology which involves the transmission of telephone calls over the internet.

There are many reasons why this is beneficial including:

  • Resilience and security - to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster
  • Cost-savings - through lower line rentals and free calls between sites.
  • Scalability - move the number of channels up or down to suit business needs
  • Flexibility - number portability, keep your number during office moves or changes
  • Speed - we can set up new SIP lines in a matter of 48 hours

As SIP lines are still a relatively new technology and especially as they rely on Internet connectivity there is the need to make sure that your connection is of the highest stability offering a suitable speed. It is very common for new adoptees of VoIP to connect using a standard ADSL Broadband that is not stable or fast enough; and it's also common to share this connection with their Web/Email/Data services too. To be able to achieve a stable enough connection for VoIP we recommend that a dedicated connection purely for voice calls is implemented by our clients.

Time offer an end to end managed service for VoIP and this even includes ADSL Broadband with up-speeds of up to 2.5Mb which is suitable for most small to medium sized organisations. It's all too easy to accept advice from potential suppliers saying that a standard Broadband will be suitable for voice calls, however not until after the connection is installed may you actually experience problems. As your telephone connection is the most important method of speaking with your clients, here at Time we will discuss and explain your options and whilst we may advise you to implement a strategy costing a little more than our competitors, it will serve you well and still be very cost beneficial against legacy technology such as Analogue or ISDN.

Is it difficult to move from ISDN to VoIP? No not at all and we'll help to ensure a smooth transition!