Mitel 5370


  • Manufacturer: Mitel
  • Model: 5370


The Mitel MiVoice 5370 is a fantastic all round model with an advanced range of features, optimally designed for more heavy duty use.

Features Include:

  1. Five Line LCD Display
  2. Navigation Menu Key
  3. 12 x Programmable Keys with Coloured LED Lamps
  4. Fully Duplex Handsfree Telephone
  5. Call List including last number redial x 10
  6. Headset Compatible
  7. Built in Microphone
  8. Compatible with additional keypads

The Mitel 5370 is our most popular digital handset and with its extensive range of features able to satisfy the needs for most users, all at a very attractive price point, it is not difficult to see why! The built in microphone allows for use in small conferencing situations, and when combined with a headset, it is optimally designed for medium/heavy telephone users such as call centre agents.

Case Studies

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Onwards & Upwards