Maintenance (Mitel)


  • Manufacturer: Mitel
  • Model: Mitel 470, Mitel 430, Mitel 415


All of our systems come with an inclusive 12 months maintenance and following this we offer comprehensive maintenance packages at competitive prices. 

If you have an existing Mitel or Aastra system and require maintenance, commissioning, or programming we are able to offer this so please do get in touch to learn more.

Under our maintenance agreement, in the event of a fault, you can contact our service desk who will log your call, allocate a service reference number and then proceed to allocate an engineer for a site visit or dial in via our remote facilities.  

For the duration of a valid Maintenance Contract (as long as your system is connected to ISDN or IP phone lines) we will additionally carry out any remote programming alterations completely free of any charge with valid Software Assurance (if available); whether this is for a total system re-programme or even down to managing your internal speed dial memory.

We operate a client portal on our Web Site to allow users to log a fault or make a programming request simply by entering their details on our contact page, otherwise we will accept instruction via email to [email protected]