Over recent months there has been a rise in fraudsters trying to con people by making them call what appears to be a mobile number, but is in fact a Non Geographic Personal Number.

We actually received one of these emails as many others also have, and it may take a form similar to:

The number is made to look like a mobile number so that a user will unknowingly call this at a much higher rate (determined by the recipient); and during the call the individual on the other end will employ tactics to keep the caller on the phone as long as possible thereby increasing the cost of the call.            The issue with barring these numbers is that in some cases 070 numbers are used for the correct purposes and therefore not all users of these will be trying to initiate a scam.

If in any doubt it is worth trying to make contact through other methods such as email, and only calling the number if you’re sure of the end user, and are aware that there could be much higher costs involved.