Fair Use Policy


We monitor the use of our Services, including broadband and calls which are provided free of charge. The use of our Services is subject to our fair use policy set out below.

  1. If we determine that:

(1)          the use of any broadband service by one customer is or may be prejudicing or limiting or otherwise having an adverse impact on the ability of other customers to use some or all of the Services we provide to those other customers; or

(2)          any customer is using the free calls service such that the number of calls received is less than 25% of all calls made or received

then you may be considered to have breached our fair use policy in which event we will notify you by sending a “Fair Use Notice” by email to you at your principal contact’s email address notified from time to time by you to us.  The Fair Use Notice will ask you to contact us to discuss how your use can be modified so as not to be in breach of our fair use policy.   If within 5 Business Days of such notification you have not contacted us or if you have not changed your pattern of use, we may:

(a)          impose a surcharge for such breach (the amount of such surcharge to be described in the Fair Use Notice); or

(b)          replace any free use or free call plan with our then current pence per minute pay as you use tariff; or

(c)           suspend your use of all the Services until the payment of any surcharge; or

(d)          terminate your use of all the Services.