As business technology continues to advance, the financial benefits are being enjoyed by organisations of all sizes. This is particularly true when it comes to their telecommunications needs.

VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) uses the latest online technology to support voice and video calls across the internet, rather than through hard-wired telephone cables.

Key benefits of VoIP

The key cost benefit of calls over the internet is that (unlike traditional phone line services) they are not metered or timed. This means that your business can benefit by using an internet service to manage any number of outbound calls, to all destinations, at a fixed price.

Long distance and overseas call charges are often much less expensive too, because all calls – regardless of their length or destination – are routed across the internet rather than across a telephone company exchange.

With fixed charges for internet hosted calls, it’s another business expense that you can budget for with certainty.

As well as saving money through your call billing, VoIP calls can also improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your business. After all, if your business is performing more effectively you can save time and money.

VoIP allows you to become more efficient because it transforms the way you regard telephone calls.

With traditional wired phones you can simply make or receive voice calls. But an internet-based system allows much greater versatility and offers you access to an integrated set of communications services.

This enables you to make a wide range of types of calls, such as video and conference calls, as well as simple voice to voice calls.

Direct cost savings

The direct savings of moving to VoIP include not having to have separate telephone desk handsets for a wired phone system, or the installation and maintenance of fixed lines to each desk or workplace booth in your business. VoIP providers can also arrange for remote servicing which removes the need to have telephony specialists on site.

VoIP systems enable some or all of your employees to work away from your business premises.  They are not ‘tied’ to their desk by the need for a business phone line. This makes working from home easy, as well as working from other business locations. It is also becoming more common for businesses finding it easier to attract (or retain) high quality staff when their home location is not tied to where the office is based.

In summary, as long as a user has a high-quality internet connection, they can work from anywhere in the world.

Improving effectiveness

Traditional phone systems normally require you to pay extra for the installation and maintenance of additional features, such as call displays, call holding and video calls.

By comparison, VoIP service packages usually include a series of services which can improve the daily effectiveness of your business operation and each of your employees. These packages can provide facilities to improve teamwork between distant colleagues, such as screen sharing.

Improved collaboration

The softer benefits – and savings – achieved by VoIP are also well worth considering.  The integrated services of video calls and conferencing help to improve collaboration and team working in a way that voice-only calls cannot achieve.

And in the new world of working from home it means that your employees calls are all handled via one channel, and one central account, without the need to reimburse colleagues for the use of their home telephone for business calls.

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