Beware Scam calls to your Mobile Phone!

If you receive a missed call on your mobile phone from a number you don’t recognise, think twice before calling it back.

That’s because there’s a chance if you do ring back, you’ll fall victim to a scam which could leave you out of pocket.

The following explains more about ‘missed call’ scams and how to spot them.

How do they work?

Scammers use automated systems to dial mobile numbers so when you answer, often there is no one there.

They are relying on you calling them back and this will often be at a very high pence per minute rate.

The call often lasts only a few seconds and comes up as a missed call.

Calls will typically be from a number beginning 070 or 076 (which look like mobile numbers but cost considerably more to call back). For example, a call from an 0707 number looks as though it is from a mobile however, this is a ‘personal’ number and anyone who does call the number back is charged for as long as they’re on the phone.

Scam calls can also be made from landline numbers.
There is now a growing trend to receive a call from a UK landline, these can be harder to ‘spot’ as at first glance they look genuine.

If you’re not sure, consider not answering. If it’s important the caller will leave a voice message.

If you answer and the call is silent for a few seconds then hang up and block that number.

If you do answer and have a conversation, do not give any personal information. Take the name and department of the person who called you and then you can search for that organisation separately and call them back if you wish – whatever you do, do not rely on any number they give you and do not hang on the line while they transfer you.

What can you do?

If you receive a missed call from a number you don’t recognise, think twice before calling back.

Consider blocking the call meaning your phone will not accept any repeat calls from the same number.

Genuine callers will leave a voicemail.

To prevent making accidental or inadvertent calls (such as dialling a number when your phone is in your pocket or bag, for example), remove the suspicious number from your call log.

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August 2023