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Are you looking for a collaboration or joint venture partnership? Our telecommunication solutions make an excellent addition to many types of business.

Our industry knowledge is second to none. We offer our clients leading-edge VoIP technology with impeccable customer service and ongoing support.

As well as complementing many industry sectors, we are happy to provide a white-label service to others wanting to offer telecommunications to their clients.



It’s time to talk

It’s time to talk

If you have an idea or business proposition that could be mutually beneficial, please give us a call.

We are happy to consider all suggestions.

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Ideal collaborations include:

Ideal collaborations include:


If you are an IT provider, we are not your competition as we can work with any supplier. Given we serve the same audience, there are endless possibilities to develop new software applications or integrated systems together.

business support

Do you advise clients on how they can run their operations more efficiently and cost-effectively? Our telecoms expertise could be the perfect complement to your coaching or consulting business. Together we can tailor a practical solution to help your clients streamline their business and boost their profitability

cabling & shop fitting

Fitting out a new office space or industrial complex? Let’s talk telephony so you can get the infrastructure right first time. Let’s face it, nobody wants to start ripping up carpets when it could have been avoided with some joined-up thinking.

Healthcare Services

We have an excellent track record of working with all manner of healthcare providers. Whether you have a single-practice medical centre or represent a multi-location healthcare trust, let’s discuss your specific requirements and design the ideal solution.


Do you procure services for the education sector? Over the last twenty years, Time Communications has worked with a multitude of education establishments from primary schools to education trusts. We understand the needs of schools, colleges and academies and can work with you to specify the ideal solution saving time and money and improving efficiency.

cost saving consultants

If you advise businesses on how to save money on their utilities, you should also consider their telecommunication needs. Working in partnership, we can ensure your clients have the most appropriate hardware, software, and apps to support their business whilst saving money both now and for years to come.

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