About Us.

Nigel and I had already worked in the telecommunications industry for several years before we decided to set up our own business.

We enjoyed the work but were fed up seeing mavericks starting businesses, fleecing customers, and then doing a runner.

We knew we could do things better. We were determined to show businesses that there was another way.

We opened Time Communications in February 2001 and haven’t looked back.



An exciting era of change

An exciting era of change

The last twenty-plus years have been an exciting time in telecommunications. We have survived the Y2K bug at the start of the new millennium and have seen the introduction of ISDN which took over from PSTN and fibre broadband that replaced ADSL.

Now, we are in the next phase, Cloud-based technology. By the end of 2025, BT Openreach is switching off analogue and digital phone services. We will say goodbye to landlines and embrace the internet as the way we all communicate.

As the technology has changed, our company has adapted too.We are now a team of eight and employ IT programmers as well as engineers.

What hasn’t changed, and makes us stand out in the industry, is our hands-on approach. We still come to site to install your telephone system with the tools for the job. Don’t be surprised when we get out a drill or spirit level or clean up with a vacuum!

We do more than simply install the hardware. We train your staff on how to use the new phones and software and how to access and make the most of all the extra features and phone apps they now have at their fingertips. Should you experience a problem or if more training is needed, we don’t mind if we have to return to your premises. We never leave you high and dry. You will have a comprehensive support agreement in place, and this includes programming, fault rectification and ongoing advice.

Our technology is in the Cloud, but our feet are firmly on the ground!

Jeffrey Cohen- Director
Nigel Braginton – Director