Effective School Communication Tips – [from two different communication specialists]Following on from our previous article where we went over our top tips on effective communication within schools (check out the past blogs for more information on this), we’re back to give some further ideas & key benefits from reviewing communication practices within schools. We have put together a colourful infographic for you to help explain the benefits that using communication experts in your school can bring.

Whilst it’s only a short amount of time until the summer holidays and everything is starting to wind down – it’s the perfect time to review in-house communication practices ready for the new school year in September!

How can schools get the most from your services

Nick, Time Communications: Put simply – speak to us! As we have dealt in this sector for so long, we will always advise on everything that the system can offer which we believe may be appropriate – along with our recommendations. If there is anything that you would like to be programmed that is slightly different, the chances are that the system has a feature to support that, or an alternative that is very similar.
As discussed previously, we offer unlimited programming and training, so make sure to make use of it – that’s what we are there for!

Kathryn, School Postcards: I agree – speak to us! We need to know all about your school and what you want to achieve. Share with us your learning and development objectives. We treat anything you tell us as confidential. Involve your pupils in your project, whether it is simply involves us coming in and speaking to them in assembly or running a full creative workshop. We don’t need you to have any design ideas yourselves (although we are more than happy to work with any ideas you may have) – we just need to understand what you want to achieve and we will come with all the ideas to help you do this.

We hope that this has been a useful article on how to improve school practices with some ideas that you can take forward yourself, and some reasons why it might be good to use a specialist when the time is right to make a larger change.

Of course, this is just a very brief overview of some of the knowledge and skills that we possess and we are both more than happy to meet for a coffee to discuss individual requirements. As there is no ‘fixed’ solution for all schools if the time was right to make a change, we will sit down for an in-depth discussion taking into account all requirements and preferences before creating a fully bespoke solution designed to suit your needs for now and going forwards.

For any further guidance or information feel free to get in touch by clicking here