Have we truly had enough of experts?

As part of the Brexit referendum debate, Cabinet Minister Michael Gove famously declared the much quoted soundbite ‘I think the people of this country have had enough of experts..’

It was designed to strike a chord in the populist mindset at the time (and it probably did its job, to be fair) but in ‘real life’ does this argument stand up to scrutiny?

It’s evident that in this day and age, anyone can certainly claim to be an expert. Surely though they still have their place in our society; proper, bona-fide, qualified, experts that is.  The truth is that not many of us can be good at everything and indeed nobody can be great.

Seeking out the right expert for the task

Let’s take some examples – if you wanted somebody to build you an extension to your home,  would you walk into a builders yard or an hairdressers to discuss your improvement plans and request a quote?  If you went with the latter, the result could be hair-raising but for all the wrong reasons.

And if you needed financial advice, would you be more inclined to seek out money expert Martin Lewis or gravitate towards TV chef Ainsley Harriott – who could certainly tell you how to make a perfect soufflé but could he expertly advise you about your ISA?

In all likelihood, you probably would seek out the expert in their field. On balance, common sense dictates the other wouldn’t be able to provide the service that you require, as they simply are not equipped with the skills, the knowledge  and the experience for the job in hand. It would end up with either a disappointing result or alternatively, they would think you were going a little bit mad approaching them in the first place about something they have little understanding of.

Talk to the true experts

Similarly , if you are looking for a brand spanking new Cloud Hosted telephone system, which will be a robust, secure, communications solution for your company,  it is vital to discuss this with people who have the know-how.  Time after time we see people inexplicably overlook a telecoms specialist and regret it some months later when they find out about something that hadn’t been accounted for; we call these a “yes but moment.”

So, what’s the worse that could happen then?

An expert telecoms provider will ask the right questions to tailor a solution just for you. Essentially , it will be a fact-finding mission that will leave no stone unturned and invariably they will think outside the box on your behalf.

Experts will be highly skilled in professionally configuring and testing this solution in the correct running order.

Various things in fact can go wrong if an incorrect or inadequate system / connection is installed, such as :-

Calls (both inbound and outbound) being of sufficiently low quality or failing completely to connect during busier periods. One of these could be a golden opportunity for your business that would be missed.

Clients being routed to the wrong person / team / area – potentially causing reputational damage to the business.

Security breaches, either via an inadequate firewall or the line itself being insufficiently locked down, resulting in outsiders listening in on your confidential conversations.

Losing money due to purchasing additional functionality that you simply do not need.

An inability to scale-up when required –  due to inadequate planning , restricting the flexibility of the communications system that is put in place.

Experts are here to stay

In a forever changing technological world, the use of experts that we can trust should be one of the few things that remain constant.

If anything, their role today has become increasingly important.

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15th May 2023