In this blog, we’re looking at our top ten security tips for Cloud Telephony:

1 – Choose a Secure Cloud Provider for your VoIP / SiP phone lines: Ensure that your cloud provider has a robust security framework and provides features such as data encryption, secure authentication, and access controls – and preferably they should be based in the UK.

2 – Check with your telephone support company that they have in place a strong and robust mechanism in place to protect against unauthorised access to your cloud telephony system.

3 – Consider implementing daily limits for the quantity or value of any phone calls made through your cloud system. This not only protects against unauthorised access but also against call abuse by those with access.

4 – Secure Cloud Telephony Devices: Ensure that all devices used for cloud telephony, including phones and softphones, are properly secured with strong passwords and firewalls.

5 – Train Employees on Cloud Telephony Security: Provide training to employees on cloud telephony security best practices, including how to identify and report security incidents or any suspicious activity.

6 – Use Network Segmentation where possible: Segment the cloud telephony network from other networks to prevent unauthorised access and limit the scope of a potential security breach.

7 – Use Secure Protocols: Use secure protocols such as SIP to protect cloud telephony traffic and ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

8 – Use Quality of Service (QoS) where possible: Implement QoS to ensure that cloud telephony traffic is prioritised and given sufficient bandwidth to prevent network congestion and call quality issues.

9 – If sharing a connection to the internet, consider implementing a dedicated partition on that connection to separate voice from data.

10 – Perform Regular Updates: Keep cloud telephony systems and software up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates to ensure that vulnerabilities are addressed promptly.

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24th April 2023