So twenty years ago this month, we started Time Communications.

We were all working from home, as many do when starting a new business.

We knew the next 12 months would bring some intriguing challenges; we knew where we wanted to go and we had a plan on how we were going to get there – we just didn’t know what ‘life’ would throw at us!

Advances in technology were changing how businesses implemented their telecoms. We were still in the phase of many businesses changing from analogue telephony to ISDN digital telephony. We were also starting to learn about VoIP (voice over IP)…. but that was a few years off!

Let’s now ‘zoom’ forward to the present……. (couldn’t help using the ‘Z’ word)!

We are working from home ……..again. We certainly didn’t expect this 20 years ago!

We know the next 12 months will bring some intriguing challenges…… it’s well accepted that business life has changed forever; home working is now a new normal. But where will this all balance out in the next 12 months?

Advances in technology are still changing how businesses implement their telecoms. 20 years on, Digital ISDN is now ‘end of life’ and due to be switched off…. to be replaced with SiP cloud telephony (VoIP).

Wonder where the next 20 years will take us?  

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February 2021