It used to be an expensive option that required complicated hardware, but call recording has now become a feature that forms part of most business VoIP packages.

With cloud-hosted PBX platforms, you gain access to useful features such as call recording without the cost or complications that previously came along with it.

Call recording on cloud-based office phone systems has become so accessible that we believe it’s a must-have feature for businesses of any size across a wide variety of sectors.

The edge that recording provides is huge when compared to the issues that might occur without it.

We will look at some of the benefits to help you understand if call recording might be a handy addition to your communications package.

Why consider call recording?

We live in a time when customer experience plays a vital role for any business that regularly interacts with clients.

If a customer has a poor experience then they’ll just shop elsewhere.

Call recording can offer your business a way to monitor how the customer experience unfolds in every call your business takes, as well as ensure regulatory compliance and adherence to company guidelines.

For quality assurance and training

Whatever the size of your business and in whatever sector you work, call recording means that managers and supervisors can listen in on phone calls to monitor whether all team members are meeting the expected quality standards.

And for training purposes, recordings allow you to find clear examples of what to do on a call and what not to do, from real-world interactions.

Call recordings also help leaders understand which employees may benefit from extra training and guidance, as you can review their performance with them.

To enhance your service or product

Thanks to call recording, the relevant teams across your organisation can gain insights into what exact issues your customers are experiencing, and where the pain points may be.

This allows them to gain a better understanding of how and where products and services need to be improved.

To ensure regulatory compliance

Many organisations must abide by specific regulatory compliance laws to ensure that clients, their data and their privacy are protected – as well as GDPR which covers every sector.

Call recordings allow administrators to make sure that staff are following compliance procedures and can again help determine who might need extra training.

To capture missed information

Even with modern CRM software that allows staff to log every piece of information from every customer interaction, it’s still possible that something important could be missed or lost.

Call recordings mean you can listen to interactions after the event and give you the chance to find the missed information.

To resolve potential disputes

Call recording can often be your business’s best line of defence if there are any disputes with clients.

Call recordings help prevent complaints and disagreements from turning into costly and stressful legal battles since the relevant conversations can be reviewed to work out what went wrong.

Guidance is needed

Naturally, there are various regulations about recording phone calls and their subsequent storage. Your organisation does need to be aware of what these are, as and when you implement call recording. Time Communications do of course offer guidance, but you must know what you can and cannot do and how you advise callers that calls may be recorded.

If you would like to learn more about how call recording could benefit your business, please contact us here and we would be happy to answer your questions.

June 2021