Talking about UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) units may not be the most exciting topic, but it may turn out that they come in quite handy, especially during the Winter – better to plan well in advance

For those who don’t know what a UPS is, it’s a unit that provides emergency power should the mains fail. They supply stored energy to protect (near instantaneously) from power interruptions, whether surges/spikes or cuts.

We find that many companies have a disaster recovery plan for their IT, but quite often neglect other vital areas such as their comms. So we would always recommend some form of protection – however, it may be that this year they’re needed more than many others.

According to City AM amongst other sources, the UK has been dubbed a “slow-motion train crash” and it is believed that this year may see the UK with the highest risk of winter blackouts in a decade, with emergency measures being relied upon.

The reasoning behind this lies with the Government plans to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, leading to the closure of coal and oil fired power stations – a reduction in 2GW of generating capacity.

As such, a UPS can provide power to vital sources, such as IT and telecoms, and keep a business up and running in the event of any power failure.

The good news is that prices start very low depending on the level of backup you need, and can provide anything of a few minutes of power to days if necessary.

So this year in particular it may be worth considering the small investment needed to protect yourself in case we have a particularly harsh Winter this year..

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March 2015