Yorkcourt Properties

Yorkcourt Properties offer a wide range of high specification offices in the Wakefield area.

Yorkcourt were recommended to speak with us as they were moving office, and had an outdated system which needed updating. They needed new features including a Conferencing facility that would allow them to host external conference calls with PIN codes and audio prompts.

In addition, they had multiple different bills from different providers of their lines which had been accumulated over the years and they wanted to combine these into a simple monthly bill that would be more cost effective and easier to understand.


Following an account review, we created the specification and conducted the install as follows:

  • We started the process by ordering the port of the main number to a VoIP number, and ordering the new line and fibre line; as with all of these services it’s very easy to delay the install slightly, but a lot more tricky to bring it forward.
  • Once an install date was agreed upon we changed the number port date to coincide with this and ensured that the line and fibre would be live and working by this point.
  • On the date agreed, we installed a Mitel 430 telephone system which we had preconfigured at the office and tested in advance, as such the install itself is a fairly quick procedure.
  • All 6 handsets are 6867i SIP handsets for easy use, efficient call manipulation, and the opportunity to work remotely if required. Basic training was given on the day of install and more in depth training for booked for a convenient time.
  • A Konftel 300Wx Conference Unit was provided for the board room allowing for conference calls to be held
  • To assist with making the bills straightforward we provide one single monthly bill which incorporates all lines and unlimited calls – this is fixed for the contract term and therefore is easy to budget for.
  • One of the primary requirements was the Conference Bridge for holding and managing external conference calls. To set this up we provided a new DDI number which would then be used as a number to give to external parties joining the conference. We then set up access to our inline portal, which allows unique conference ‘rooms’ to be set up. Therefore when a conference is to be held a unique ‘room’ can be created which generates a PIN code – when a caller dials the number as a set time, they are then greeted with audio prompts re the conference and asked to input the PIN. They are then accepted into the virtual room, and informed of the number of participants in the conference, so the host and all parties know when to start.

Alongside the system we also needed to install a separate analogue line for the lift – which is required to dial out from the lift in an emergency.

Since install we’ve increased the number of lines due to a busier environment, and look forward to working with the team at Yorkcourt Properties going forwards.