We currently have lines with another company, are you able to conduct a review of our bills?

Certainly! We are Openreach Wholesale partners and can offer very competitive rates across our full range of products. To conduct a review all we need are copies of your last phone bills (preferably itemised and up to three bills would be ideal).

We will then send a sheet detailing our charges against your current rates and how much would have been saved on a like for like month. There is no pressure to switch and no cost if you decide not to. However if you do (and we are confident in our rates!), then we will be happy to guide you through the process from giving notice to your existing supplier, and making the switch to avoid any disruption to service. There will be no cost involved in a like for like switch.

Do you offer any packages with bundles calls?

We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency and as such we find that in the majority of cases, having a low rate and paying per minute works out substantially cheaper than bundled solutions. If you are on a bundled deal please feel free to send us your rates and bills and we can investigate as to whether you would be better off moving to our tariffs.

However, if you do want a bundle to fix your monthly bills, so that you always know exactly what will be spent, then we will be happy to create a suitable package.

We are looking to install a new handset but there are no wall sockets available - are you able to cable for a single socket?

Yes we can provide data cabling whether this is for a single point or complete office rewire. In addition, a number of the handsets have throughput connectivity so that a single outlet can support both a phone and computer, which can be a more cost efficient option depending on what is to be achieved.

We are happy to advise on a case by case basis.

Are you able to provide electrical cabling?

We are unable to help with electrical rewires or cabling, however we do work with a number of partners in different areas and can certainly put you in touch with someone who can help.