Privately Hosted VoIP Solutions



At Time Communications we understand that the Telecoms industry is changing rapidly, so we are constantly working to stay at the forefront of this, whilst offering a tested and resilient solution to our clients. 

We do believe that hosted telephony is the future, however where many other providers make use of an existing system in a data centre, we offer a privately hosted solution that takes the best of hosting (Voice over IP technology, unlimited free calls, complete flexibility, easy linking of sites), and combines this with the resilience of an On Premise System.

By doing this we can offer a complete solution at a fixed monthly cost, which reduces during the contract term, and provides you with full ownership of the system. We offer truly unlimited calls and user packs to suit all sizes, with room for growth in all cases.

Our Privately Hosted Solutions include:

 - Separate Line & Fibre, keeping VoIP separate from your general internet for maximum resilience

 - Dedicated Server to run the system

 - Fully Encrypted Call Recording and PC integrated Click to Dial Software

 - Auto Failover to mobiles so that if your network ever went down, calls would route to mobiles to not miss a call

 - Voicemail to Email

 - Multi-level auto-attendant for advanced call routing

 - SIP Channels bespoke to suit your usage, and unlimited calls to 01, 02, 03, and major mobile networks

 - Ongoing Software Assurance for full manufacturer support

 - Daily Cloud Back-up for peace of mind on all your programming

 - Full Maintenance, support and unlimited remote programming

 - Multiple levels of Fraud Protection - giving you peace of mind against fraud and telephone hacking


If you want to learn more about our hosted offering please do get in touch with us on 0113 2059640 or contact [email protected]