Yet another year…

Well, we are nearly at the halfway stage of another year once more – where does the time go hey?

With the weather slowly (but surely) warming up and thankfully the cost of living (at the time of writing this!) gradually stabilising, it’s perhaps the right time to reflect on the year that has gone by and look forward to the months to come.

It’s safe to say that 2023 has been yet another extremely difficult year so far for many individuals and businesses alike, with prices endlessly surging upwards and the economy seemingly leaping from one crisis to another in the style of a slightly confused grasshopper.

Realistically, these challenges will continue to hang over many of us like a dark cloud looming ominously on the horizon.


New technology is everywhere

But despite this, perhaps one area to seriously consider in these uncertain times is embracing some of the wonderful new technology that is available to all of us.

This could help you work (and play) smarter and more cost effectively, mitigating some of the financial burden caused by the sharp cost of living increases and hopefully giving you one less thing to worry about in these troubling times.

There are a near infinite number of different ways in which you could introduce the power of technology into your world.

One of them (and in our opinion, the best option) to combat a technology dessert, is by introducing a cloud-based communications system into your business!

Reasons to embrace

But why would you do this?

Well there are many reasons – but here are just a few of them :-

Adopting a cloud-based telecoms system would mean that instead of communicating the old fashioned way (e.g. via the soon to be defunct telephone networks) , calls are transmitted over the internet.

So,  as long as there is a suitable internet connection, people are able to connect with each other, irrespective of their location, wherever in the world they are.

All of the communication tools are amalgamated into one system – with a whole host of different features / capabilities – such as trouble-free call forwarding / call recording, messaging and call queues. The possibilities are indeed limitless.

Apps can now be added to your smartphone, laptop or desktop. This allows you to make and receive calls from your home, remote office, your car or a hotel room; true ‘flexible working!’

There is no need for the physical hardware that comes with the traditional phone systems, as your chosen supplier will host and maintain your system on your behalf, so you don’t have to even think about it.

This means less hassle and frees up precious time and resource.

A cloud system delivers a higher quality of sound, at reduced costs on hardware as well as the calls themselves.

It is totally flexible , meaning that you can instantly scale up and down.

A system can be tailored and tweaked to fit your initial requirements and then adapt easily to your forever changing business needs.

Why it’s a no brainer … but always tread carefully!

Overall, this choice should be a no-brainer for most, given all the benefits it will bring to any business.

However, before you jump straight in head first, we do know how important it is to make the right choice and therefore receive the correct advice and guidance from the very start.

Although a new system can be implemented into your business both quickly and relatively seamlessly, it pays dividends to approach the right people to do this for you.

Like with most technology, there are many things that could go wrong if it’s not done properly.

As industry experts in our field, with an unrivalled customer focus, we are always here to help. Whatever your requirements are, we know there is a solution for you.

If you would like to learn about how cloud telecoms can help you, click here to ask a question and find out more.

9th May 2023