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At Tunley Environmental®️, our vision is to empower sustainable solutions.

Our team of scientists provide high-quality Net Zero Assessments, Product Carbon Assessments, and Biodiversity Assessments. All of these are designed to help create a real sustainable difference throughout your whole business, enabling you to reduce and offset your carbon footprint or show your impact on nature.

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17 (UK and US based)


For six years Tunley Environmental had been using a traditional telephone system that simply didn’t offer what they needed for not just day-to-day use, but also moving forward.

As a business without any office base or business premises and with all staff working remotely, the flexibility of their telephone system didn’t allow them to work as they needed to.

Proposed Solution:

After speaking with Time Communications, the proposed solution was that a Cloud Hosted system would offer what they required.

What was slightly unusual with the proposed solution was that physical telephone handsets were not included. Firstly because all workers were remote and not ‘desk’ based meaning they only communicated via their smartphones or laptops and secondly, as an environmental company they would prefer to not have to invest in additional technology hardware when software would offer what they wanted.

A Cloud Hosted solution was commissioned, with software being set up on a Virtual Server located within a UK Data Centre.

The telephone number that had been used for several years was ported away from the client’s landline to a Cloud SiP number meaning they could keep using their published telephone number.

Apps were installed on users smartphones & desktops and once activated, Tunley Environmental had a fully operational telephone system with all the features and facilities expected from a business telephone system.

Anyone can answer an incoming call or make an outbound call, all using the main telephone number and not compromising a user’s private mobile number. Calls can easily be transferred and a user can set automatic times when their extension is offline.

A Cloud Hosted solution such as this can offer everything that a business would expect, such as:

Auto Attendant / IVR

Voice Mail

Night Service

Call recording (on desk phones, smartphones & Laptops)



The telephone system provided for Tunley Environmental is our standard Cloud Hosted solution with the main differences being that they have no physical offices, no desktop telephone handsets, no physical broadband connection and no need for any physical cabling & sockets.

An added advantage of using a totally app based telephone solution, is that as less physical hardware is required, it all works towards a lower carbon footprint too.

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If you would like to see Dr William Beer describing his experience of working with Time Communications, you can do so by clicking the video image below 


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February 2024