What is “Fit to Switch” and why is this so important for telecoms?


In this blog we are explaining what “Fit to Switch” is and why it’s necessary to shout out about it!



So what is the biggest piece of news relating to telecoms in the last five years; it’s the story that BT are turning off their copper based network meaning the end to analogue phone lines, digital ISDN phone lines, ADSL & FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) broadband.

This is massive news, yet at the turn of 2024, it seems that less than 50% of businesses are aware of the implications for them, and this is because of a lack of publicity.

This then prompted the “Fit to Switch” campaign in 2023 where the ‘channel’ headed by Comms Business started recruiting ‘Fit to Switch Champions’

As a Sangoma Gold Partner, we are allowed to promote this important campaign and display the “Fit to Switch” logo.




So what’s it all about?

BT is turning off ISDN in the UK because it’s outdated and can’t keep up with today’s need for a faster and more reliable internet.

Here’s why:

Old Tech: ISDN is outdated. First introduced in the 1980’s it became the standard in the 1990’s. Newer technologies like SiP & VoIP (internet calls) are better and faster.

Analogue phone lines and ISDN rely on copper cables, this copper network is now at full capacity and it’s also starting to fail. Copper cables are now being replaced by fibre optic cables that are able to provide significantly higher bandwidth to carry more information.

Need for Speed: People and businesses need faster internet for things like video calls and a host of online services. ISDN is far too slow for this.

Cost and Hassle: It’s expensive and complicated for BT to keep the older and new networks running at the same time. It’s simpler and cheaper to just use modern networks.

Moving to Internet-Based Networks: The whole world is moving to networks that use the Internet because they’re more flexible and can handle more data.

2025 Deadline: BT plans to shut down ISDN in 2025 to move to a fully internet-based system.

This change pushes businesses to start using newer technologies that allow them to work more flexibly and efficiently. It’s part of BT’s big plan to modernise how we communicate.

If you want to find out if you need to switch, or if your telecoms will be affected, or if you just want to learn more; you can get in touch with us by clicking here

February 2024