Is Cloud Telephony for Real?

We have been providing cloud telephony since 2003 when it was in its infancy.

The principle of VoIP (voice over internet protocol) was very real. However, the biggest two obstacles were the quality of connectivity to the Internet and user reluctance to try this emerging technology.

Connections to the internet were slow and erratic in performance. Most organisations used ADSL (copper based broadband) with speeds of only a few Mb, but with demands on the broadband from other users and other services, it became known that voice calls were the first to fail when bandwidth became restricted.

Early adopters often reversed their decisions and returned to ISDN (digital phone lines) having lost confidence in this new, cloud technology.

We’re now 20+ years on and the technology has exploded into what we have today.

Internet connections are now much faster and generally more robust. Costs are lower and the technology has leapt forward.

There is now a lot more confidence in ‘The Cloud’ and this is a good thing. We are now being forced to adopt Cloud Telephony due to BT switching off the legacy network of PSTN (analogue phone lines), ISDN (digital phone lines), ADSL  (copper broadband) and FTTC (fibre to the cabinet).

There was a choice in 2002, we had clients debating on migrating to the cloud or staying with established copper based telecoms. Now we’re faced with clients debating on when they adopt cloud telephony, as one thing that cannot now be argued, is that they must upgrade.

It’s now January 2024 and by the end of next year, the copper based network will be switched off.

Anyone who doesn’t migrate this year will possibly face:

–          Longer lead-times

–          Higher costs

–          A shortage of quality providers with spare capacity to provide services

This isn’t a game, a sales ploy or a manufacturer driven upgrade strategy – it’s for real, a fact and a necessity

If you have any questions about Cloud Telephony and what this means for you, contact us here and we’d be happy to help.

January 2024