BT is switching off the PSTN Copper Network next year – meaning:


Goodbye to Analogue phone lines

Analogue phone lines are the copper lines that support security alarms, fax lines, PDQ lines, lift lines, ADSL & FTTC broadband and many other single devices. Analogue lines have been used for telephony for over 100 years and are now ‘end of life’

Goodbye to ISDN digital phone lines

Digital ISDN lines have been the standard type of line for telephone systems since the 1990’s and are also delivered over copper. ISDN lines are now ‘end of life’

Goodbye to ADSL Broadband

ADSL broadband is the very slow, old type of broadband delivered over copper lines (analogue) and this too is ‘end of life’

Goodbye to FTTC Broadband (fibre to the cabinet)

FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) broadband while faster than ADSL, is also an older type of broadband and because it is delivered over an analogue line, is now ‘end of life’


All of the above are being replaced by Cloud Hosted Telephony


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February 2024